Renewal Candidate Support Webinar

If you are a Renewal Candidate, we are repeating our support webinar for you.  This webinar will take place on Thursday, January 22, at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) and will explore strategies for preparing for and developing your components for your Professional Growth Experiences.  Register HERE.

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Vote for Our Teach to Lead Summit Idea

A message from Director Ronarae Adams…

On Friday evening, I submitted an “idea” (NOT a formal proposal)  to the Boston Teach to Lead  Summit  (Feb 5-6) site, on behalf of the National Board P20 Leadership Center and all NBCTs who have urged me to move the concept of a National Board Distinguished Preparation Pathway forward to all teacher preparation program providers across the country, in partnership with NBCTs. We are thoughtfully building a  cadre of KEY supporters who will commit to unite in ways to bring this idea to full implementation, via a comprehensive, and cost efficient action plan (some of YOU are already on the team).

Our Center is an official Supporter of the Teach to Lead initiative. We have been privileged to provide assistance to participants at the summits as they fine tune their “ideas” for further development.  At the Boston Summit, we hope our team will participate as both  Supporters and Submitters of this idea—the National Board Teacher Pre-Service Preparation  Distinguished Pathway.

We are eager to leverage this innovation to new levels of awareness, consideration and collaborative implementation with identified stakeholders and to engage the project leadership of National Board classroom teachers.

If you have a moment,  please check out the draft with the link below and VOTE to support this idea. VOTING has nothing to do with  who goes to the Summit… it only indicates that the idea is being previewed  and considered by others.  Here is the link:

National Board Distinguished Preparation Pathway

I appreciate your interest and support to acknowledge the concept and current work we are hoping to propel forward in 2015.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Ronarae(Rae)Adams, NBCT
Director and Lead Faculty
P20 National Board Certification Leadership Center; NBPTS Affiliate
Faculty Advisor, Future NBCTs of America
Council Chair, NBCT Programs
Coorinator, National Board Distinguished Pathways
National University, School of Education, 858-642-8352; 858-926-6196;

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Free Webinar on New Teacher Preparation Regulations

Attention Teacher Leaders–if you support new teachers in teacher preparation programs or induction, the National Network of State Teachers of the year (NNSTOY) is offering a free webinar on the newly proposed federal regulations on teacher preparation.  The webinar takes place on Wednesday, December 17, from 7-8pm EST.

Access the page to register HERE.

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Accomplished Science Teachers: Share Your Ideas

Opportunity to share your ideas with CA Science Teachers Association! The California Science Teachers Association(CSTA) is now accepting workshop and short course proposals from classroom teachers, informal educators, university professors, education professionals, and other members of the education community.  Sharing our best practices with each other helps to make high quality Science education a reality for all students in California.  For more information, visit the CSTA web page HERE.

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Study on Effects of Repeating Algebra

For all of our distinguished math teachers and teacher leaders–check out this article on a new California study on the impact of having students repeat algebra.  Access it HERE.

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