What Does It Really Take to Support Teachers

This month, the Education Policy Center at American Institutes for Research explores what it takes to really support teachers for success at every step in their careers. Check out their explorations HERE.

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New Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

Are you looking for a doctoral program in Educational Leadership? The National University National Board P20 Leadership Center is helping to organize a cohort for National Board Certified Teachers in its new doctoral program offered in conjunction with City University in Seattle. If you are interested, attend our free webinar on Monday, May 11, at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern.

Click the link below for registration:

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Are You Interested in National Board Certification?

National Board Certification has always been a prestigious distinction and the certification process a powerful professional learning experience.  The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has recently implemented sweeping revisions to the process to make certification more accessible, more manageable, and more affordable than ever.

NU National Board Leadership Center provides free support for candidates, as well as an optional master’s degree program that integrates the certification process.

If you’re interested, please consider attending a free information webinar this Thursday, May 7, at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern (If you can’t attend the live session, a recording of the webinar can also be sent to you).

The session will last approximately 45 minutes, and will include information on:

  • The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • The revised National Board tools and processes, and reduced costs of certification
  • Fee support for candidates
  • Opportunity to also earn master’s degree programs that integrates the National Board Certification process
  • Graduate credit available for candidates who do not require a master’s degree
  • Additional free support offered through the National University NB Leadership Center (regardless of whether you are a student)
  • Opportunity to clear a secondary credential through NB certification

Please RSVP for the webinar or request a video version at the link below:

National Board Information Webinar Registration

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American Opinion on Educational Standards

The Leadership Conference Education Fund, Hager Sharp Inc., and ORC International have collaborated to conduct a national survey among U.S. adults about their awareness, knowledge and attitudes regarding standards in public K-12 education. The survey broadly explores their expectations of public education and also includes questions pertaining specifically to the Common Core State Standards. The research team oversampled among African Americans and Hispanic Americans to ensure representation and adequate statistical power for the analysis. They also conducted the survey in three states—Georgia, Colorado and Tennessee —to guide state-specific messaging and communication efforts pertaining to the Common Core.

Following is a short summary of the results:

  • Nearly all American adults (97 percent) believe students need to be able to think critically and apply skills to the “real world” to be successful after high school.
  • Nearly all (92 percent) believe schools must rise to meet the expectations of colleges and employers.
  • Most (85 percent) also believe the U.S. needs consistent standards to help ensure higher expectations for students.
  • Nearly three-quarters of American adults (71 percent) believe expectations in U.S. schools are too low, and half believe U.S. schools are not being held accountable specifically for the performance of students of color.
  • Moreover, only 47 percent of American adults believe U.S. schools do a good job of providing a well-rounded education to every student.
  • There is strong support (82 percent) for “a wholesale transformation of our education system” to ensure “long-term economic security.”

Americans are divided on two issues in education:

  • Half believe there is too much testing in schools.

Nearly half (46 percent) believe the federal government should not have a role in education.

Despite the anti-federal sentiment among 46 percent of American adults, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) believe all states should have the same standards at each grade level in math and English so students have to meet the same expectations no matter where they live. Moreover, nearly all American adults (92 percent) believe “where a family lives, how much money they make, or their race or ethnicity should not determine the quality of the education that a child receives.”

For more, see http://www.coreeducationllc.com/blog2/american-opinion-on-educational-standards

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Our Spring Newsletter Is Out!

We just sent our National University National Board P20 Leadership Center Spring Newsletter to our nearly 650 members.  If you are a member and did not receive the newsletter, check to ensure your network is not blocking it or sending it to a spam filter (you would have received it at approximately 3:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Eastern on April 18).  If this is the case, change your settings or provide us with a different email address to ensure you receive our future communications by contacting Sean McCarthy.

If you aren’t an NBCT-EDGE Alliance member, join for free to access all of our resources and information, including the newsletter.  Simply complete our membership form HERE to join!

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